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God will move the stone…

“Go forward today on the pathway of service, undaunted by possible future obstacles. Let your heart be cheered by the certainty that whatever difficulty you may face, God will move the stone.

In today’s bright sunlight basking, Leave tomorrow’s cares alone— Spoil not present joys by asking: “Who shall roll away the stone?” Oft, before we’ve faced the trial We have come with joy to own, Angels have from heaven descended And have rolled away the stone.” —Anon. 1

Today’s posting was motivated by a poem posted on Facebook by a dear friend, who comes with high spiritual credibility. As the widow of a best friend, she has demonstrated the very words above, posted for others.

I could not get away from the words once read. The urge to think through these words caught the side of my soul that one might refer to as “calling.” Each time that spiritual soft spot is touched, I seem compelled to elaborate. It has been there since I was 9 years old, when I first heard the voice of the Savior, “One day you will preach the Gospel.” At that time, I perceived some small pulpit, perhaps a storefront or street corner at best. Later as a young man caught up in the “freedom” of adolescence, it was the last thing I desired.

Yet, for 57 years, through numerous trails and equal victories, in various arenas from religious to political, that “voice” has been present. Inescapable in times of rebellion, faithful in times of challenge, God in Christ has been ever present, even as I write.

With every word of hope, something “leaps in my womb” waiting to be heard. “Up from the grave He arose;” “He’s alive: “Because He lives, I can live also.”

No longer do we lie in the rot of failure, or in the dark tomb of regret or despair! God has made a way; His angels have moved the obstacles; light has come into the room, the stone is rolled away!

The energy to arise is always there, the Son is shining and a new Day awaits anyone willing to walk toward the light! Arise My Love!

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