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Character and Kingdom

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

In my meditation this morning, I heard these two words strong in my spirit, in a personally convicting way.

Of late, with all the political and racial madness that has so penetrated our society's soul, these two words carry the potential for immediate impact.

Character, I interpreted to mean the way of Christ, not American Christianity, but the nature of God as demonstrated by Jesus.

By Kingdom, the things that when done bring heaven to Earth; things seldom self serving.

Both words frame a life of faith, hope and love. Will there be an absence of strife and at times push back? That's almost certain within our species, but it should never be intentional on the part of the followers of Christ.

Using spiritual language absent the character of Christ is mere religion. Doing "Kingdom" work in a self-serving way has little promise of transformational impact.

Trust me, in a capitalistic society these are difficult boundaries for any mere mortal.

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