Capitalism and Christianity, a place for both but neither equally the other.

Troubled this a.m. by the state of America and her current leadership options.

Capitalism and a free market in an environment where ethnicity has historically limited home ownership, has produced a growing wealth gap, now exasperating other racial inequities to the point, that "law and order" has become the cry on one end of the political spectrum, while anarchy, "burn it down" is seen as a justifiable alternative to draw attention to those now suffering. Unfortunately, there seem few moderates sufficiently in power for any near and compassionate solution.

In such an environment, surely Christ followers should be able to speak sanity into divisiveness. Law is necessary, but never a solution for the heart; rather, "to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God."

It seems we have abandoned the faith in lieu of fear on one side, and desperation on the other.


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