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Can I get a Witness!

I have not been able to get past a scripture read earlier in the week, Luke 20:20…in fact now another thought comes to mind as I write: 20/20, the keen ability Jesus had to discern the thoughts and motives of others!

“Keeping a close watch on him, they sent spies, who pretended to be sincere. They hoped to catch Jesus in something he said, so that they might hand him over to the power and authority of the governor.”

How does this verse relate to my current life situation?  This election season seems flush with those using “Facebook-like” opportunities to pose questions, pretending to be sincere and yet with hidden aim to draw out a stance on a hot button political challenge different from that of the current party thought.  Though deserving resolution, often these items of contention have little to do with the office for which one campaigns.  In fact, the more astute and tenured politicians anticipate those moments; feeding the desired response while they avoid the real issues.  Often not only are the issues avoided but also the truth!

Yet, truth or the source of truth, may in fact be the problem in this country.  As well, it becomes more clear each day that the truth I seek is from another Kingdom!  Now, I’ll start sounding strange even to Christians, possibly even bizarre to those totally unfamiliar with Christianity.  We have forgotten that “we are not of this world and the things of God are not the things of men.”

Can one carry a message from the Kingdom of Light into the Kingdom of Darkness and not expect resistance?  We are foolish if we think otherwise, for that is the story of Christ.

What He found in His day, was a world in bed with politics in the name of religion, while that same religion purported to be of God.  Centuries of morphing had occurred in the delivery of religion’s promises, and men like Micah who spoke out against their culture: “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly” were imprisoned or martyred.

Fortunately the American church has not yet done the martyr thing, unless we include the assassination of Martin Luther King, or before that our early denial and deaf ear to  rumors of a Holocaust in Germany.  Both these atrocities may have been the first weak signals of a deteriorating Christian community in America.

While a  small minority ruthlessly vet candidates in primaries, the majority of voters set on the side lines in silence.  Meanwhile, the Church with members both Democrat and Republican, somewhat hypocritically afford this national travesty, offering as an excuse their mock commitment to separation of church and state, fearful of loss of its prized 501c3 status.

Why all these tirades; patriotism and a plea for radical change, not merely a reformation but a transformation in America!

Yes, “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s,” but don’t forget the rest of Christ’s statement, “and to God what is God’s.”  Can I get a witness?

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