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Being Human While Listening For the Divine

Contemplating this human journey and how ill prepared it seems I was for where I was meant to go.

Still most days I wonder if I will ever see evidence of the completion of my calling, or if my life was more about preparing the next generation, rather than simply serving my own. Being a change agent is no easy calling.

Much of the stuff I know was learned of necessity as I failed forward, yet those haphazard footprints perhaps my own unique contribution to mankind.

I am trusting that the things learned and lives changed will eventually unveil some providential purpose more fitting in that future moment than had I simply followed all the rules.

Each life is unique, and every day a wonder, a preparation of the next generation. Life is truly multi-generational, a transference of knowledge that somehow is always timely, even though our ancestors and parents as well, stumbled along the way.

When I looked behind me, the Footprints in the sand were too big to have been mine! Grateful for The Presence that has carried me.

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