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Balance and Baptism

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

My assumption in this blog is an awareness by the reader, that leadership has a spiritual component.

As I read through Chapter 2 of the Gospel of John, I see a world changing leader emerge in the God-man, Jesus.

Most evident is the impact of his parenting, a mom that sets high expectations, and then a young man who rises to those expectations. Himself, perhsps at first, wowed by his apparent access to the realm of the miracuolous! Note the water in the washpots that produce the finest of wines.

Then, on the heels of this miracle he walks into the temple with a courage not yet seen, as he turns over the tables set up by the religious to exploit the poor and accomodate the hurried...the convenience stores of our day.

When challenged by those lesser leaders who demanded still yet other miraculous signs to prove such authority, Jesus restrains himself, yet boldly prophesies of his true purpose. These spiritually deaf religious leaders heard it as a total threat to their religion, and an impossible, if not laughable physical scenario.

"Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days."

He spoke of his ressurection of course, as he had by now come to grips with his mission, balancing his call with timing and strategy in order to fully accomplish his mission.

He was focused, not easily distracted, powerful and purposeful.

A leader's leader!

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