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At Last!

I turned the page this morning, at last, after another journey through the Old Testament.

Immediately in Matthew, I noticed a refreshing note scribbled in the margins some decades ago: "Imagine the Creator being nursed and nurtured by a creature which He himself had created."

Underneath the note, the text Phil. 2:6-7:

"who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:"

The purpose of his descent then delivered in verse 8: "and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross."

A promising challenge earlier issued in verse 5: "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus."

These few words when fully comprehended tell a story that has been crafted over billions of years, though the Moses of Mesopotamia, described creation as occuring in only seven days.

There is some interesting backdrop to Genesis, with the link providing interesting insights as to how even Moses, though inspired, had carried forward, as we all do, "cultural baggage."

This insight also gives credence to the intellectual freedom provided humanity, and thus the long journey necessary to "woo a Bride" from a far distant Big Bang, by way a Divine Romance, intermittent the logic and laws of humanity, contrasted with the love of God. The Song of Solomon perhaps best captures the pursuit of the "Groom".

I always look forward to reaching the end of Malachi, written some 400 years before the story of a Babe in Bethlehem. What a relief, now having spent months of time in a journey with the writings of men and women so belabored by the well crafted "Laws of God." These Laws interestingly honored, a necessary "schoolmaster to frustrate us to grace!"

Yet, intermittent these inspired, but il-filtered words, which bring more of a cursing than a consolation, the Creator constantly leaks love! Though over and over, we insist that all these words are His (the pronoun itself derived of human bias).

Walking humans out of the first Adam's image of God, while respecting choice, is quite the task. Idolatry still tainted even the actions of Abraham, though in the end, his would be a journey built upon faith.

However, his offspring would soon fall victim to sibling rivalry and then famine, only to be rescued by a brother earlier sold into slavery. The stories are quite telling, offering insight for centuries to those who so choose to hear.

I find it interesting that there do seem to be favorites, those who best reflect the God who would one day become flesh. Joseph, sold by his envious brothers, with his relentless forgiving and generous spirit was surely one of those.

His namesake even reemerges at the birth of Christ, the husband of the mother who would nurse God! Though his bones alone survived an exit from the land into which he was sold, his name resurfaces as a promise of legacy to those whose life reflects such integrity.

Again, I must admit beginning to feel my own bones aching, until I turned the last page of the Old Testament, then I read again Malachi's last words, "He shall turn the heart of father's to their children, and the heart of the children to their fathers." Hope!!

Then as soon as I turn the page, I see the scribbled note referenced above, and could almost hear the slurping sound of a babe nursing at his mother's breast. Life has now come back to my bones! The refreshing long promised has arrived at last, The Good News!

God knew this moment, one that feels so personal for me with each read, yet planned well before ever the foundations of the earth were layed!

Then perfect in its timing, a breath was released, framing energy into matter, galaxy upon galaxy, their very distance and density designed to protect a tiny speck of dirt upon which the Creator would place creatures, lesser beings that would look back in wonder at their origin.

They would then devise fable and myth, afterwards crafting laws, violently empowered without mercy, avenged by way of harsh punishment!

Yet, their Creator would masterfully administer a guidance that would take centuries for humans to fully grasp, a concept as simple as the union of a babe and a breast, unadulterated love!

Was it loneliness that drove the Creator to such means or are we a part of a drama bring played out on stage, perhaps a demonstration of the power of love.

Who is this Being, apparently far superior, perhaps sharing the impact of such lavish love and long-suffering with a far superior race now in rebellion. This is in fact indicated by sparse references to fallen angels, one even apparently "cast out of heaven," a tempter to test these creatures made of skin and bones. All still well loved, but free to choose their allegiance.

Never would the demons that followed that one fallen angel, referenced as Lucifer, dream that the Creator would become one of us, empowering we lesser creatures, made simply from the dust, yet capable of embodiment of the very, I Am!

That is Good News!

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I enjoyed your Saturday devotional you have a talent explaining things

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