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Am I Now About Devising Devotionals for Dog Lovers?

Well, I have now added a quickly erected, under $100, doggy fence to our backyard playground. Salvaged an old gate, once discarded in the woods, so I could "easily" retrieve the lawnmower from the house's crawlspace.

Yes, all for the pup, Genus, Canis familiaris.

No, I did not mispell genius.

However, if this distant descendent of a wolf plays her cards right, stops leaving "gifts" in isolated corners of our home, she might just rate up there as genius per her strategies to win our hearts.

My now deceased pup, Coach pulled it off, though for now, no comparison, as he was the genius dog!

He and my daughter, she now in my mind a master puppy trainer, set a high bar for CoCo!

Note, we are no longer doing devotions snuggled in my warm wingchair! Blog posts ate even more limited!

That's life!

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