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A Wonderful Time to Live

Amid all the early morning, out of physical shape, aches and pains in this aging frame, nothing excites me more than time alone and the enormous opportunities to learn afforded those alive today. Yet, when I meet with young folk like I was so privileged to do yesterday, in two separate meetings, I can only wonder at the phenomenal future that lies ahead for them.

One of those meetings was a cabin mini-retreat with the younger males in our small extended family. I am thrilled with the potential for impact among the “next.” The other was a leadership meeting, in which I was again the elder.

It was refreshing this a.m. to read research being done on aging brains: “The human brain works slower in old age but only because we have stored more information over time. The brains of older people do not get weak. On the contrary, they simply know more.” Dr. Michael Ramscar.1

My life has slowed little, perhaps the why behind the early morning aches and pains. In fact, this weekend has been a blur. Friday morning was a high energy moment as I shared with a group of men at the New Canaan Society, charged with passion regarding all that God has in store for those who believe. Yes, the God of the great Mount of Transfiguration story is alive, and if so, both Elijah and Moses are still around. That bodes well for this old codger, still a believer in eternal life!

Immediately, following that meeting was a gathering of five special friends, now entering our sixth month of visioning around a unique gathering place for leaders, which has huge Kingdom potential.

Leadership is quite thrilling, though I was reminded yesterday by a friend, that I might try coming down to earth just a little, being somewhat more diplomatic, if I were to ever win another election. Not sure my wife would let me run again, though I am receiving a few nudges by others, given the soon to expire deadline for filing. Although my friend’s comment was meant constructive, cautioning my too often spiritual overtones while holding public office, diplomacy can be political code for compromise, subtle accommodations for negotiated principles. I know I have to pick and choose the language I use, and yes, the spirit with which I speak, if I am to ever navigate through the filters of the fractured electorate in this country. Left and right, partisan and religious; life at times is like living in a pin ball machine! I just dated myself again, given that most games today are digital!

My life is wonderful however, with a remarkable wife; also hosting a shower for friends this weekend, in a house she hustled to make presentable. Of course her standards are so high, for I find our home that way every day! We have worked hard to meet her deadline for this week, getting the bathrooms painted, all the fixtures changed throughout, to include the shower stalls; in between all that, I scheduled in my showings of properties to clients, while even negotiating a couple of contracts! Of course the snow days helped!

Her homemade chicken salad croissants and other fixings were amazing as well. No catering here; not to mention, the blue-berry muffins baked for the guys in the cabin.

She’s aging too, but rejuvenated by the thoughts of a soon to be held grandchild, while practicing her love on so many, as well as our much pampered grand-pup, who “Coaches” us daily in the area of affection.

If I throw in the fact that a client was in from out of state yesterday, intermittently calling to conference on sites being observed for development across three counties, this old-man has not done so bad in “keeping up the pace!”


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