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A Strange Era In My Life

As I sit here this morning, my annual read through scripture has me in Jeremiah, which every year stirs my soul. The question in my mind as an initiator has always been, "What's next? Yet in this season, all seems different.

Jeremiah reminds me that the Hamas dilemma is not new, only the names of Isreal's enemies change over time. This small nation seems a testament to God's covenant with Abraham, a lingering message to the larger globe, with so many national leaders, long distracted by power and greed. Isreal seems always in their face given her apparent sovereignty.

Personally, nothing has really slowed and nothing is particularly new beyond two to three new points of faint physical pain. A reminder that the clock is ticking!

That's the challenge, as until now it has seemed always a new thing was on the horizon. Now the new thing is an awareness of the approaching horizon!

I am still hard at it, as a mentor I have meetings with younger folk even later this morning. I had two meetings yesterday, and frankly I am texting intermittently even as I write. As to my real estate ventures, several irons in the fire with brick and mortar evidence.

As a neighbor, I am delighted daily by opportunities to engage with other seniors whom I can serve. I love people.

However, something is different, my thoughts are drawn inward, almost in a distracting way. I want to know the next dimension of life itself, not just the theology behind it, but the reality. I'm past the desire for success, the need for more income, my family is established and even my grands are taking on a personal bent that I must respect.

Still there seems more, as frankly some of my deepest desires of true city transformation have yet to be realized.

So what's next beyond commentary on all those things? Is life now merely a transfer of things learned, or is there a personal empowerment yet possible in the Spirit, something like that my hero, Sampson experienced!

If so, how do I get there? I'm open and I'm ready.

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