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A Friend, Who Sticks Closer than a Brother

This morning it seems that my bio-clock is returning to its more natural rhythm after a time of vacation and recreation.  Neither makes a lot of sense to me, as both create a backlog of challenges that one must work through upon returning home.

The language about bio-rhythm may spring out of what is in my heart this a.m., after watching the wonderful History channel last evening.   We took about a two hour journey into the creation of the earth.  I have a great wonder for science, even pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biology and then teaching in the physical sciences for 15 years.  I must admit two things, one that I learned more while teaching than while attending my undergraduate classes and secondly, that relative to the knowledge of today, I probably have the equivalent of a fifth grade education in science.

Yet, I do love science though I think that much of what we have recorded as science, comes across as very speculative when one listens to the obvious gaps in understanding that have somehow crept into our classrooms, in a day when so many men have cast off both restraint and wisdom.

Just last night as I listened intently, my wife choosing another room in which to watch her girl flick, I was amazed at the speculation that was allowed by these scholars when huge unknowns came into play.  As well, the ease with which any credibility of the spiritual nature of creation was assigned to aliens!

We moved constantly from stories based on rich science to sightings of UFO’s!  Hey, I can buy into UFO’s but not fabrication of stories around UFO’s to justify gaps in science.

With all respect, to discount Christ (God becoming flesh) as myth, throwing out ages of experiential data from the lives of those who have known Him, while purporting that we could be the result of some scientific experiment under the microscope of aliens from afar?  These men have been in the lab too long and on their knees too seldom!

This documentary, laced with PhD’s, basically concluded that the earth was formed billions of years ago as a result of millions of years of collision with asteroids, heating up this molten rock, as evidenced by the heat of the earth’s core.  I can buy all that if you will tell me why they suddenly stopped bombarding the planet?

Then the presence of water that arrived as the earth was cooling.  It seems that Zirconium crystals contain traces of water, about 5% by weight.  These crystals, that came aboard the asteroids bombarding the earth, then vaporized forming a cloud mass.  I’ll buy that.  Then the clouds began to rain and in fact rained for millions of years…now that’s quite a storm!  This is where we began to drift as the narrator indicated that the cloud theory was in fact just that, and that there was no basis other than speculation.  Then he conveniently moved on with the million years rain producing a globe covered with water…a flood, though not the Biblical one of course?

I’ll buy his story if you will buy mine:  when I was nine, the Lord spoke to me, “One day you will preach the gospel.”  My life took a course that could hardly be the career path of a pastor, yet I later walk into my Dad’s house one evening.  There he is on his knees praying for this young man, whose life was in turmoil.  I touched my Dad on the shoulder and the God of my dad touched my heart.  My life was radically changed that night!

Years later, He speaks again, “wherever I send you seek that city, if not this one, the next.  I will give you a city.”   I now find myself as mayor of our community, with quite a voice also in the city where He first spoke to me at nine years of age.

I know what it is to be guided by the Lord.  I can cite story after story of His intervention, physical miracles, financial blessing, even His grace when I have failed Him.  Yet all this must be packed away for the sake of science, simply accepting that it rained for millions of years while a hot molten rock became the beautiful globe on which we live?  Life finally deposited here possibly by aliens, some later breeding with these “humans” and thus the story of gods found in religion.

I think I will hang with my own experience of a friend who sticks closer than a brother!

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