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A Closed Fluid System

On the front end of this entry, I need to own up to my bias when it comes to thoughts on global stewardship, I hold a thirty year old Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology!  Why am I writing about stewardship, it’s the Biblical duty of all Christ followers. Certainly you have heard the growing debate, the “scientific thought” and the fear mongering around global warming?

Whether the reader believes that we are in some natural cyclical global temperature change, as some of my readings indicate (some conservative scientific research indicates that every 1500 or so years this happens); or that we are facing a catastrophic manmade crisis (more liberal scientists and their politicians support the fact that man has at least contributed to this crisis and in fact may control the outcome) with global peril the only future if we do not change our ways.  

First, it’s sad when politics dilutes science, regardless of one’s persuasion, which now seems to be the case?  Secondly, I’m not sure where I stand and given that some fifth grade with more scientific exposure than my now thirty year old Bachelor’s Degree afforded me, might in fact read my blog and show themselves smarter, I’ll admit my limitations and my bias.

I do however recall Pascal’s Law: “any pressure applied to a closed fluid system is distributed equally and without loss throughout that system.”  This law is the basis for powerful hydraulic machines, generating enormous outputs when minimal pressures are applied to a fluid, those pressures then in turn are exposed to much larger surface areas throughout the mechanical device, e.g. the mechanics tiny floor jack that lifts your car at the garage.

Is this ‘flat’ globe of ours also a closed fluid system, theoretically at least, when it comes to economics, social and environmental pressures?  I believe these three systems (five if one considers spiritual and moral forces to be real) are as intertwined as the moisture and the oxygen within our atmosphere. For years now, rampant capitalism has been at work in our nation, busy converting natural capital (resources) into financial capital and calling it profit; without regard (I need to watch my sweeping statements)for the fact that some of these resources are irreplaceable, though these resources are the primary inputs that drive those profits.

My MBA friends tell me that when one destroys one capital asset to create another, there are no net gains (profits) and in fact losses will eventually be incurred because the system lacks sustainability!

In many ways, our unrestrained capitalism has created a growing gap between the “haves and have-nots” on our globe, economically and socially, as well as environmentally.  Some underdeveloped countries now experience poverty, water shortages and disease rates that are appalling, while Americans boast of multiple homes and Christianity in the same breath! 

Ironically, this same system has created a growing exposure to technology (some mud huts now have laptops and televisions), creating an awareness of these disparities, seeding resentment in geographic areas that might have otherwise been open to the message of the Gospel if our nation had continued to shared its blessings rather than to openly abuse of the natural resources of others, especially given our exorbitant lifestyles.  We now war over oil, killing innocent families and call it national defense.  This growing resentment toward America continues to fuel revenge, clearly evident to the discerning (we Christians profess that)given the growing threat of terrorism on our own shores!

Are the effects of these economic, social and environmental pressures, now having been long applied globally through the leadership of these United States, now fulfilling Pascal’s Law?  Are we experiencing equal but different pressures, now reaping catastrophic results in parts of the globe, these forces in the past subtle and out of sight, but certainly not out of play?  I’m not sure how I sound, screaming liberal or raging prophet, but I am compelled to write or I would not be up at such hours!!

Are glacial meltdowns, rising sea waters and greenhouse gases the real problem or simply the physical results of spiritual and moral decay in a country whose boast was “In God We Trust”?

We can’t keep having it both ways: wealth disparity, environmental abuse, social injustice and American Christianity!

We can’t exalt a God who positions leaders for our good (read the Word), then hate the ones He raises up, given that He instructs us to pray for those in authority.

Whether physical, moral or spiritual, these enormous pressures on the closed global system we call home are becoming more evident, while our political solutions are becoming far less than adequate!

“If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, THEN…!”

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