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2020- A Year of Acuity & Vision

Still trying to absorb all that has occured over the last year. A year that frankly was exciting to think of in 2019! How amazing 2020 could be as a tool, for those looking to chart a new course, expand upon past successes, and resource new dreams.

I remember being a part of such a move in 1990, as we would capitalize on the New Millennium. We called it, Vision 2000!

The reality, 2020 was in fact a year of acuity, we just are reluctant to own what we saw!

A year where national leadership options were few and far between. The Democrats had a record of 25 candidates initially declare in their primary, only to settle for one old-timer. Meanwhile the Republicans were still trying to sell their sitting president, which at the onset of the 2016 campaign was deemed laughable as a possibility. I need not comment on how those four years have now culminated in near revolution.

We are a nation bereft of trusted leadership, divided almost evenly in our core values, not seen since the Civil War. And yes, we have never fully addressed the issues of that very war.

Our racial biases still manifest in the streets when attempts are made at law and order. Blatant differences per skin color are obvious in court trials. Despite the major leaps made in the days of MLK,Jr. , being black is just enough for weapons to be drawn, and lives to be snuffed out unnecessarily at crime scenes.

What a horrible year for human error, in a lab controlled it seems by an arch rival, throwing in a pandemic! Just at a time when national leadership would be so critical, the USA, deemed the most advanced nation in the world, now sets among the top 12 nations out of 193 affected, in highest numbers of deaths per capita.

Still, with all the above chaos and economic ramifications, the wealth gap continues to soar. Even national relief seems for some, far too little, too late, and quickly disappears, gobbled up by the those who control the nation's consumer class.

Perhaps 2020 was indeed a year of clear vision! The question now is what do we do going forward.

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