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John Bost has lived a life of “what ifs” and “why nots?” What if felled trees from a hurricane in Nicaragua could be sold to benefit the local village? What if ex-offenders could staff an enterprise that protects the environment? What if a 100-year old congregation could create a new vibrant downtown? Through a series of personal stories and practical tools, Bost shows the reader how a “what if” – “why not?” lifestyle makes a world jarring impact. 

Dr. Michael Comer, President 

The Hayes Group International, Inc. 

I enthusiastically recommend A Catalyst for Change, proof that collaboration is key to bridging gaps of cultural perspectives—both common and uncommon. It’s a story of mutual respect, self-determination, historical pride, old lessons relearned, and friendship—all imperative for mutual success. 

Lafayette Jones, CEO 

SMSi-Urban Call Marketing, Inc. 

John has had a major impact in a number of areas in our community, across all socio-economic sectors. In doing so, he has embodied his strong beliefs as a Christ follower and always demonstrates amazing character and competency. 

Allen Joines 

Mayor of Winston-Salem, NC 

As our world enters a new era, steeped in the unknown, this book provides a remarkably relevant leadership example in how to face the future and lead our diverse and fragmented communities to a new place of equity and opportunity for all. John’s stealth leadership is a constant throughout the story. 

Sandi Scannelli, CEO 

Clemmons Community Foundation 

A Catalyst for Change provides blueprints for transformation in every arena of life. Scholarly change theory is matched with real life practical examples of the relationship model in action which leads to meaningful and lasting community partnerships!  Some may call it serendipity; I call it spiritual led passion and back breaking effort! 

John Holleman Jr. 

Former WS/FC School Board 

Former Forsyth County Commissioner 

John Bost’s book provides fascinating proof that change doesn’t just happen. It requires rolling up one’s sleeves, seeing through others’ eyes, having the courage to fail and the stamina to persevere. Today, those of us who are benefiting from his efforts—to leave the world in a better place—are called upon to dream new dreams, cast vision, and serve as catalysts for change. 

Audrey Davis 

Child Care Consultant 

NCDHHS- Division of Child Development & Early Education 

John Bost’s book provides wise counsel to those searching for sensible solutions to complex issues. He understands the connection between education, economic development, and the success of local communities, states, and our nation. I highly recommend it for your consideration. 

Dr. Richard L. Thompson 

Former Superintendent, Lexington City Schools 

Former Superintendent State of Mississippi 

I am excited that John Bost has put his story into print. The principles he gives not only impacted his community but inspired me to lead better. Thanks, my friend, for sharing your life lessons with us. 

Randall Ross, Sr. Pastor 

Retired, Calvary Assembly, Naperville, IL. 

Former Pastor, Winston-Salem First 

John Bost is an out of the box thinker; a serial entrepreneur; a lifelong community organizer; and a joyful servant of Jesus Christ. I heartily recommend that you read his story. It will inspire you to become a person of influence and impact. 

Walker Armstrong 

Executive Director Pilot Mountain Baptist Association 

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