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Finding Your Kingdom Sweetspot

A Handbook for High Impact Entrepreneurs

John's first draft of the book began in 1996, obviously premature, but now with over 30 years behind him as a serial entrepreneur, and in a moment where the Body of Christ is searching for impact beyond that of the Institutional Church, the book becomes quite relevant.

He shares insights for the scores of entrepreneurs being sovereignly shaped for this critical moment, when our cities are suffering, the institutional church is challenged, and the wealth gap growing.

The target audience, those desiring a higher Kingdom impact, a success that affords philanthropy sufficient to engage in deep systems change, while integrating others in their successes, avoiding the toxic charity that only feeds the status quo.

New model, new day, living out your personal calling, in community, as well as in your home congregation.

As the Table of Contents implies, the subtitle, Achieving the Highest Impact for Your Calling, is most appropriate:
Chapter One: Let's Jump Into the Journey
Chapter Two: How Did I Get Here?
Chapter Three: The Age of Entrepreneurs.
Chapter Four: What Is All This Kingdom Talk About?
Chapter Five: Give an Example of an Aha!
Chapter Six: The Kingdom of God Is Within You.
Chapter Seven: How Does One Find That “Sweet Spot”?
Chapter Eight: Six Degrees of Separation.
Chapter Nine: About That 3-way Formula.
Chapter Ten: Spirit, Soul, Body.
Chapter Eleven: No Pain, No Gain.
Chapter Twelve: Kingdom Qualified.
Chapter Thirteen: Accountable to God and Peers.
Chapter Fourteen: Regret Reduction Starts Now.

Hope you enjoy the ride and maximize the "Handbook!"

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